Raymond Hoy

In 1972 our dad tried something new. he planted some grapes in Paso Robles. That's no longer a far out concept in that part of California, but at the time he was one of the first.


Sean & Jesse

With similar mid-life inspirations, Sean and Jesse are creating their own way into a new venture using the land and grapes that their dad planted over 50 years ago.

Getting it out there

Where to Buy

Call your local wine dealer, or drop us a line and we'll let you know where to get it:

The future

Slow Growth

Look, we're new at this. And we want all of our blends and wines to be delicious. We're going to learn a lot with each wine we attempt, and hopefully we find many successes along the way. In the meantime enjoy our wine with the people you enjoy your time with.

Enjoy Responsibly.


The Raymond '21

66% Zinfandel

31% Petite Sirah

2% Syrah

(what is the missing 1%)

Enjoy Responsibly.